• Honesty is a perfectly adequate policy.

  • The line between Sincerity and Sanctimony appears only very faintly; sometimes you have to laugh a little to see it clearly.

  • I do Waste a Lot of Time by other people’s measure; I’m simply taking back some of the Time that other people’s measures have wasted for me.

  • Listen closely to what people say they don’t want and you’ll hear what they do want.

  • There are only three questions in Show Business: Dead, not Dead? Gay, not Gay? Jew, not Jew?

  • Sometimes you’ve got to turn your brain All the Way Off in order to create anything.

  • “We don’t have a lot of  time, so we’ll have to work very slowly.” – (Josephine Abady, via Laura Linney)

  • In the Show Business you’re On even when you’re Off.

  • It’s better to flee from loneliness than to stay and fight it out.

  • Some people have to be Old before they can be Young.

  • Every Knock is Not Opportunity.

  • Rather than writing a novel based on your life, try living a life based on your novel.

  • I don’t know what I’m doing, only that I’ve cleared my plate for it.



  1. Do like the way you’ve put this together.

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