Bumper: Don’t Touch That Dial.

It’s been quiet around here, I realize.  One of the problems with getting a Second Chance is that when you take it — and you must, because while Every Knock is Not Opportunity,  Second Chances are meted out by the cosmos like vacation timeshares in Brigadoon — is that they tend to be packaged with A Whole New Set of Projects requiring vast resources of time, energy, commitment, money, and dining table real estate.

School is harder than work. Was it always? Those first 12 years? I don’t remember dragging my weary ass, cursing and spewing and snapping at random oblivious strangers and Service Professionals, into Mrs. Teuller’s Third Grade Creative Writing Class.  I LIKED school once.  But it started  PWNING me day after day once I got to college.  I lost patience and I lost face.

Having gone once more Into the Breach — and having moved a lot of mountains and Bet the Farm just to be allowed to go forth thereinto — I am reminded. Work is hard, and a life in the theatre is hard, living in New York is hard and marriage (even a short one or two) is hard; although I haven’t raised Children (or Pets or Livestock or even Houseplants) I hear that’s all Very Very Very Hard.

But school.  This is a kind of Hard you just have to imagine the rewards for.  You don’t get a paycheck from an Education.  An Education doesn’t get to take curtain calls.  An Education doesn’t give you great sex even when it’s been watching hockey all day long and won’t empty the dishwasher.  School doesn’t give you sweet kisses in the playground or tell you it loves you even when you’re mean.

My brain aches like my abs used to ache when I used to go to the gym, but I’m not allowed to let my Brain Membership lapse, not if I’m gonna do this school thing.

So I’ll write one more story about Bonnie, “for School.”   I’ll take her from the Playhouse to Broadway, where I’ll leave her for awhile.  I’m sure she would have no objection, so long as I leave her there in a triumphant moment in her story.

I’ll try, Mama, but as you know, it’s hard.


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