Preparing to be Read

If a tree falls on the Internet and there’s no one logged in, will all the little grubs and beetles that lived in the base of the tree while it rotted and crumbled come running out into the forest of information and infest all our websites?

What? What’s that you say?  That’s a really bad First Post? Well, yes, I suppose so — although it is infinitely better than the TESTING 1 2 3 I was going to throw out upon the cyberseas to see if it floated before I put too much energy into this.  A little Loren Ipsum kind of thing, a little nonsensical patter before the big boffo opening number, you know…

Okay. It is indeed pretty idiotic.  This does not Bode Well.


I get a do-over.  Really.  I do.  It’s a miracle, I tell you.

For no reason I can imagine (except that for ferchrissakes I deserve a break now and then, I mean, really) — without so much as an old fashioned Annunciation or even some lightning effects,  the Universe handed me a 50th birthday present: the Rod Serlingesque gift of The Mulligan, a magic/sci-fi  spell whereunder I get to do everything I’ve already done, long long ago,  ONE MORE TIME.  The cosmic Do-Over.  The tape rewinds and replays a moment in my life, while we’re right here, 30 years hence, but it’s the Same Moment I’d had back then, some big important Turning Point, and through some miracle of Time and the River or something, it’s here AGAIN, NOW! The circumstances have changed but the questions are the same damn ones.

“Who do I want to be?” “Do I have to finish college or can I just fake it?”  “Do I love him enough?” “How much does it matter if I gain five pounds?” “Shall I do it for the money?” “Should I be her friend even if I don’t trust her?”  “Can I pretend to be happy?” Defining stuff like that.  Man, oh man.  The roads we didn’t take.

In the magical/sci-fi Do-Over universe I find again and again  that I am being forced to confront the same Life Or Death, fork-in-the-road decisions that flummoxed me when I was 19.


I get to get it right.

The universe has begun handing me Mulligans, and I am not about to look a gift plot twist in the mouth.   I’ve feel I’ve paid far too much into the “Whoops, here take this — You Gave Me Too Much Change” karma account to apologize about the unfairness of my Mulligans to you people who only get to Go Around Once, or question why I’ve been chosen for this gift. I’m just a lucky girl, that’s all.

That you are reading this is testament to the Power of the Mulligan, because (at least while access to these chronicles is limited to the ESC Digital Storytelling family) I know that you are a College Student or Instructor; before the Mulligans began, there was very little chance that I’d be enrolled in a college (albeit an Odd One) writing to be read,  in an academic setting, yet.  But I’ve been given another swipe at this College Thing, which I messed up so very royally so very many years ago.  Step right up to the rematch of the century — Allison vs. College!  Round Two.

So let this therefore  be a blog in honor of The Mulligan.

Noël Coward understood:


2 Responses to “Preparing to be Read”

  1. Dude. I think you win the best-blog-of-the-class award. You’ve done this before, haven’t you?

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